Deep Check offers a detailed report of grammar, spelling,
punctuation, sentence structure and style.

Why using a spell checker tool?

Eliminates most writing mistakes

Checks and corrects grammar, spelling & punctuation errors.

Works online with any text

No software download or installation required

Enhances your sentences

Suggests alternative words to improve readability (*Premium version)

Free to use

Our Basic grammar and spelling checker is always free.

How Spell Checker Tool Works:

Spell checker tool checks your text for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. There are 2 options: basic check and deep check. Simply type the text you want to check or copy and paste it into the box, then click the free check button. The text will be analyzed for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

The free check finds most spelling mistakes, and also includes a “Did you mean” feature that offers alternative words that make more sense. However, free check doesn’t track all grammar, punctuation and syntax mistakes. For that you should try the “Deep Check” button – which offers a detailed report of grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and style.

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What do people think of Grammarly?

  • Lauren Holliday

    Boston, Massachusetts

    Another thing I like about Grammarly is that it provides grammar explanations with examples, when it suggests changes to your writing.

  • Kevin Seeker

    Erie, Pennsylvania

    Grammarly is easy to use. I love the seamless way it works with email to help you correct grammar and spelling errors as you work. I am in the marketing and communications business, so I really rely on it.

  • Sarah Greesonbach

    Richmond, Virginia

    I use Grammarly as my last line of defense. When I think a piece is perfect, I run it through the program and usually find two or three errors that I’m glad I caught. This makes me better at my job.

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