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Spell Checker Tool was created to help people improve their English writing skills.
English writing affects your image.
Spelling or grammar errors can make you look bad in the eyes of the person you write to.
Wrong punctuation or a poor sentence structure can lead to embarrassing situations.

That’s where Spell Checker Tool comes in –
The idea is to have a place where people could type any text they want, and it will check and correct their writing.
Spell Checker Tool has 2 models – the free check which offers a basic check, and the deep check which provides a deeper look at your sentence and corrects your grammar, punctuation and writing style.
The deeper check is offered by grammarly software, who also offers a Chrome extention that checks your writing anywhere.

We don’t just offer a free spell checking tool. We see ourselves as a place for people to improve their English – but we try to do it the fun way.
Fun can be quizzes, puzzles, trivia games, videos, any interactive way to help people learn proper English.
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We hope you enjoy using our website and we are always happy to hear feedbacks.

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