There are so many irregular verbs in English, they are hard to keep track of. Here is a list of some commonly used irregular verbs with the simple past and past participle forms.


Verb Past simple Past participle
Go Went Gone
Make Made Made
Take Took Taken
Wake Woke Woken
Find Found Found
Get Got Gotten
Show Showed Shown
Tell Told Told
Put Put Put
Leave Left Left
Think Thought Thought
Drive Drove Driven
Become Became Become
Begin Began Begun
Keep Kept Kept
Know Knew Known
Speak Spoke Spoken
Run Ran Run
Lie Lay Lain
Write Wrote Written
Understand Understood Understood
Read Read Read
Grow Grew Grown
Lose Lost Lost
Draw Drew Drawn



Ready to put these words into action?

Go ahead, write down a few sentences, just to practice, using past participles and see what you come up with.

“When do I use the past participle of a verb?”

1.) When using perfect tenses…

Perfect tense = Subject + have/had+ past participle

I have grown tomatoes in the past but decided not to this year.

2.) When using passive voice…

Passive is indirect 

They were grown

3.) When using the third conditional

Third conditional= if+ past perfect…would+ have+ past participle¬†

If I had known I would have come sooner.

When do I use the past simple?

The simple past is used for actions that began and ended in the past and do not apply to the above grammar structures where you use the past participle.