Is there a Real Alternative to Grammarly Grammar Checker?

Grammarly is considered to be the #1 grammar checker online. With 10 million users (according to their website), and offices in New York, San Francisco & Kyiv – they have become a well known brand in the writing tools niche. All the video testimonials that you see on youtube and everywhere else, in fact, are a proof of that.

And they earned their recognition – their tool really works.
Read our full review of Grammarly 2018 and see why it’s being the most popular grammar checker available online.

But what about the competitors? Is there a real alternative for Grammarly?
One of the biggest competitors of Grammarly is WhiteSmoke, who has been around for more than a decade.
We decided to check their latest 2018 version and see if it can be used as a true alternative to Grammarly.
Here is our conclusion from the review we made:

WhiteSmoke 2018 – A Complete English Writing Checker

Jury verdict:   (4.5 stars).

WhiteSmoke, as we mentioned in the beginning, is a grammar checker tool and has been used by many writers. In addition to helping  with your writing styles and fixing errors, this tool also comes with the ability to translate the content into various languages. Whitesmoke tool is believed to be a user-friendly one and includes plenty of features:

  • Advanced Grammar & Punctuation Checker
  • Writing Style Optimization
  • Writing Performance Scoring System
  • Thesaurus and Text Enrichment
  • Plagiarism
  • Full text Translator

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Try WhiteSmoke

Need more info? read our full review of WhiteSmoke 2018


WhiteSmoke 2018


To enhance your writing skill, WhiteSmoke can be the best option for its accessibility to various devices. In other words, WhiteSmoke comprise mobile apps for iOS or Android devices. You need to have an internet connection in order to use this tool effectively. It can work on different web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox etc. To get an explicit glimpse on its features, move further.

WhiteSmoke writing tool

Main Features

  • WhiteSmoke Writer:

WhiteSmoke is also a grammar checking tool which enables the writers and other users to have an error-free content. As it checks grammar, it focuses on your punctuation inaccuracy, suggests structuring of sentences and also makes sure of the writing style. Your writing quality will be raised by its expertise on judgment of the English errors according to the statistical data and algorithms.

  • Translator:

Another feature with which WhiteSmoke is packed with is its translation ability. WhiteSmoke comes with the capability of translating your writing material into 45 different languages. The translation feature of WhiteSmoke will explain the users how to use that particular translated word which is based on Statistical Machine Translation (SMT).

  • Dictionary-Thesaurus:

WhiteSmoke is not just a true but a better alternative to Grammarly for being able to possess a thesaurus function. This will help not just advancing your vocabulary but will create your writing more appealing and fascinating. You will get the synonym suggestions each time you click on the word to get altered.

  • Writing Review (Scoring System):

This is a superb functionality offered by WhiteSmoke which will give assistance to users in analyzing their writing part and giving review or scores on it. The feature is perfect if you are under confident about your content. Your writing will get all readability information, correction and scores and this way you can gain confidence by securing higher scores.

  • Cross-platform Availability:

The users also get benefit of using WhiteSmoke on different platforms. Be it you mobile device, laptop or tablet, WhiteSmoke can be easily integrated on any platforms. It only requires an internet connection and then you will be simply able to work on your respective devices without any English error.

  • Plagiarism can be checked:

When it comes to plagiarism, WhiteSmoke doesn’t stay behind and gives a considerable competition to Grammarly. If you really don’t like to get a plagiarized article or blog from your writers, you can check this on WhiteSmoke and stop any duplicate content getting published eventually destroying your status or reputation. This feature of WhiteSmoke runs on robust algorithm and let you spot any duplication if you don’t wish to provide or receive original content.


  • Exceptional “Writing, Editing and Review” features make it the preferred editor software.
  • It comes with the ability to translate into 45 languages
  • A great compatibility with browsers and mobile devices
  • The inbuilt plagiarism checker helps to create an original content


  • It takes internet connection when one needs to work with it.
  • It doesn’t include free tools for checking grammar.

Grammarly vs Whitesmoke

If you are a content writer and write for your clients, these tools are just for you. But how to decide which tool will prove more helpful to you? For this reason, we’ve brought to you a detailed chart to give you an overview of both the tools. Go ahead, have a look at the chart listed below.

Feature Grammarly Whitesmoke
Browser Extension
Office Extension
Desktop App
Mobile Apps
Cloud Access
Plagiarism Checker
Sentence Rephraser
Vocabulary Suggestion
Paste texts
Upload Docs
Free Trial

Final verdict:

Post examination of both the tools, we have come to conclusion that Grammarly as well as WhiteSmoke both give strong competition to each other. There is no doubt in the fact that Grammarly has been used by many people and has gained much popularity. However, if you are fond of using your mobile device and need device independency, WhiteSmoke would be a great choice and will be the best alternative to Grammarly. On top of all, the Thesaurus and the Writing review feature will not just enhance your vocabulary but also helps you in delivering great and easy to read articles.

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