Capitalization Rules

Rule One: The first letter in a sentence or in a quotation should always be capitalized.

Darren said, “I am doing some soul searching so I am going to sea”.

”Darren” is capitalized because it is the first word in the sentence but also because names are proper nouns. “‘I” is capitalized because it is the fist word in a quotation and is also a proper noun.

Rule Two: Proper nouns are always capitalized

Proper nouns = People, specific places, specific things

For example, the word soda is not capitalized because it is general but Coca-Cola is because it is specific. Same for title words like mayor, senator and president. They are not capitalized unless referring to s specific person like President Obama.

Rule Three: Directions such as north, south, east and west are only capitalized when referring to specific areas.

Example: Northern California. vs. Go north on I-91 for ten miles.

Rule Four: Important words in titles.

Short words like: a,an, and, the, of, ect. are not capitalized in titles unless it is the first word in the title.

For example,¬†Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone¬†

Rule Five: The first word in a salutation

When writing a letter or email you address to person that it is to such as:

Dear Joshua, or Hello my darling

Rule Six: Word derived from proper nouns

The most common example if this are languages. English is derived from England.