WhiteSmoke 2018 – The Full Comprehensive Review

What is WhiteSmoke?

WhiteSmoke is an online grammar tool that provides writers with complete grammar and spelling feedback of their writing. WhiteSmoke helps to ensure writers are delivering the highest quality of writing possible. WhiteSmoke checks grammar, spelling and punctuation. It also provides grammar tutorial videos, writing templates, translations, a dictionary and a plagiarism checker.

Writing Tools

WhiteSmoke can be used for a wide variety of writing types from business letters to news articles WhiteSmoke’s tools will check your spelling, grammar and syntax. WhiteSmoke’s tools include: a writer, dictionary, translator, templates, plagiarism, and videos. When you paste your text in the “writer” box and click “check text” edits will appear over your text as if a colleague had peer reviewed your writing.

Whitesmoke 2018

Whitesmoke 2018

In the case of a syntax error you have the option to click “more” and a list of word choices will come up for you to choose from. If you don’t quite understand why your grammar or punctuation was incorrect there is a list of grammar videos explaining how to apply proper grammar usage to help you along. The dictionary is always a great tool and here you can use it as a thesaurus as well to help you find the perfect synonym.

WhiteSmoke’s technology is most helpful for checking grammar and spelling errors but, as always, make sure you still proofread your work. The context of a sentence can get misinterpreted by the technology and maybe suggest a comma where it is not needed. The translator is very helpful if you need to understand something written in a different language however it will not translate grammar perfectly. You will be able to understand the main idea though. You do have to pay a monthly fee for the technology but it is relatively accessible and you will need to be connected to the internet.


WhiteSmoke can be used by anyone who is looking to edit their writing to be at its grammatical best. It’s quick to check and very straightforward to use. It’s a great professional tool for anyone who is required to write at their job. It’s a quick and easy second opinion that is priced at $6.95-$9.95/ month and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The installation process is straight forward, quick and simple, just following the instructions as they pop up on your screen. It is currently ranked online as one of the best programs for writing review technology. Personally, as a writer I recommend this technology to any professional that needs a second opinion or has a quick grammar question you’re just not sure about.


  • WhiteSmoke Essential (Online Version):
    [-] Monthly: $9.95
    [-] Yearly: $79.95
    [-] 3-years license: $159.95
  • WhiteSmoke Premium (fully integrated writing solution for Windows or Mac)
    [-] Monthly: $14.95
    [-] Yearly: $119.95
    [-] 3-years license: $299.95

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